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Hello! Welcome to my Blog! I'm known by many names! I'm known to many as Lilith, Aleynia (most commonly), Abyzou or Vayne. They are my spirit/pagan names! You may call me
by my chosen pagan name E Nomine Luxferous (or just E Nomine). Please get to know me, if you wish to know my real/birth name!

I am a 25 year old Virgo. I was born the year of the Dragon. My Spirit Animals are the Wolf, Raven and Crow.
I am actually a villain in a novella called 'Bliss' by Jennifer Murgia (Author of the Angel Star Novels). My name has been fully credited in the novella.
Appropriately, I shape-shift into a raven and appear as Lucifer's Paramour in the novel (that will never not be funny).
I currently live with my boyfriend, family, two dogs and some fish. I work a full-time job in Customer Service and am working part-time as a Self-Publisher.
I am currently multitasking between writing five different novels. My first novel will be titled, 'Lore'. I hope to release it in the next year or so.
I am also, a freelance artist and model. I am still very fresh to modeling and hope to build up a decent portfolio.

I am still updating this page! So bear with me!

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Finally! It is done! 
Little devotional chest I made for my altar! In honor of Lu, of course! Hand-painted and decorated! Hope you guys like! What do you think? Should I start making and selling these? :)
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  1. The Crafty Cat (Little-Hylian-Witch) - Witchy home decor, incense holders, and custom rune sets, soon to be much more.
  2. The Little Fox’s Cottage christowitch - Wonderful candles, incense and jewerly to be found here.
  3. NaturalMagics @NaturalMagics

^^Signaling :)

corvis-vulpes-lupus asked: I am honored you decided to follow me back :) Your religion and your supernatural experience with these gods/deities intrigues me to no end. <3 I have always been drawn to the dark side of life ever since I was a child, I am no witch or anything like that, just an normal gothic human girl :P do these deities know of me or do they know of everyone? I am curious! :D

Good question!

In my personal opinion (just going off of my own experiences), I don’t think they start off knowing everyone (there’s just too many of us). I think you have to initiate communication or, at least, meet them somewhere down the road.

Out of all the entities I’ve interacted with, I will say that Lucifer seems the most comfortable with me. He has always treated me with an air of familiarity that I’ve always found to be unsettling. I’m really not sure what that’s about.

I could be wrong about all of this, but generally, I’ve had to build my relationships w/ other deities/entities.

Needless to say, one of them probably wishes he could turn back time…lol

beautifulnobodies asked: Hai, I was wondering if you have any sources with some information about Lucifer and maybe some about Satan.

I’m not sure what kind of sources you are looking for, but here’s a compiled and organized list (well, as organized as I’ll ever be).

Hopefully, some of these help!


Biblical Sources:

  • Isaiah 14:12 from the Hebrew Bible (Applies to Lucifer)

*Lucifer is only mentioned once throughout the Hebrew Bible

  • Christian Bible (Applies to Satan. Lucifer is not mentioned):

A List of Mentions (Just a few for example):

  1. 1 Peter 5:8
  2. 1. John 3:8
  3. 2 Corinthians 11:14
  4. Revelation 12:9
  5. James 4:7
  6. Matthew 16:23
  7. Luke 10:18
  • Anton Lavey’s ‘Satanic Bible’ (I don’t recommend him, personally)

*Lucifer is mentioned as one of the four Crowned Princes of Hell

Mythological Sources:

  • Roman - Associated w/ the God, Phosphorus
  • Greek - Associated w/ the God, Phaethon
  • Ancient Canaanite - Associated w/ the God, Attar
  • Islamic - Some associate Lucifer w/ Iblis or Shaytan


  • John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ (Poetry/Lit)
  • William Blake’s ‘Lucifer’ (Works used in ‘Paradise Lost’)
  • Gustave Dore’s ‘Lucifer’ (Works used in ‘Paradise Lost’)
  • Francesco Maffei's 'Archangel Michael Overthrowing Lucifer'
  • Dante Alighieri’s ‘Dante’s Inferno’ (Lit)
  • Aleister Crowley’s ‘Hymn to Lucifer’ (Poetry)

Famous or Well-Known Luciferians:

  • Michael W. Ford - Author of ‘Beginning Luciferian Magick’, ‘Luciferian Witchcraft’ and ‘Dragon of the Two Flames’
  • Aleister Crowley - Thelemic, but major influence on Luciferianism
  • Madeline Montalban - Occultist and Luciferian
  • Dani Filth (lead singer of Cradle of Filth) - Admitted to being Luciferian during a live interview

Famous or Well-Known Satanists:

*I wish I could think of better mentions than these. I’ll add some later, if I can come up with anything better. My mind is fried, at the moment.

  • Anton S. Lavey - Author of ‘The Satanic Bible’ and founder of ‘The Church of Satan’ (Atheistic beliefs)
  • Kenneth Anger - Co-founder for ‘The Church of Satan’
  • JJ Brine (Musician of The Labiancas and Founder of Vector Gallery)

Devotees of Lucifer I recommend following:

*People on Tumblr

**If I forgot to mention you, just give me a shout-out!

  • Sulphurblue
  • Wrathful Calm
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Stormy Witch
  • Tenacious Tea
  • Little Hylian Witch
  • Finn the Luciferian
  • Moonlit-Wisdom
  • Sorealiferian
  • Dark Soul with Fiery Eyes
  • Nihilistic-Void (more of a devotee to Asmodeus, though)

Devotees of Satan/Samael I recommend following:

  • Ouijagirl

Shops I recommend:

I’ll build on this list as more things come up! :)


Corn flower by tanakawho on Flickr.


I just wanna say that I respect whatever your religion is but if you’re extremist to the point you deny other religions or accuse people of satanism( when satanism isn’t even bad like what?) ive been seeing illuminati videos a lot recently and it’s so bad…


Reblog this if you post witchcraft anything, I need more blogs to follow because my dash is pretty dead!

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Travel because you want to live, not because you want to see.

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Paradise Regained~by Sulphurbluestudio
Pencil, Acrylic, and Spraypaint on paper

So gorgeous, Sulph! And that anatomy&#8230;mmm!

I’m so excited!!

Just started painting and making my very own devotional peacock box! It’s made entirely from wood and will be painted black with a peacock adorning it’s lid! I have various gems I will be using to decorate along it’s sides. I may be adding other colors of paint to the box, later! I’m not sure, yet. I can’t wait to show you guys the final product when it’s done! It’s going to be gorgeous! :)

One of my favorite pastimes…

Listening to imps bickering with one another back and forth, while exchanging snide remarks.

"What lies has your mother been telling you?!"

"That you love her."

"Oh shittt. So close, yet so far away.”

"Was that my body or your mind you’re talking about?"

*head desks*

I just had a really weird Lucid Dream about Lu. >.O

I was dreaming that I had been at a live-broadcasted assembly. It was being held by the pope in a massive auditorium that looked like an abandoned theater.

But no one saw the pope.

We sat around waiting for him to make his appearance and listened to a Priest as he began to lecture us on the importance of family. He spoke about the importance of spending time with our families on our holidays, whatever our holidays might be. He asked for volunteers to sing for their grandmother. Just sing. A song, any song, about the love of their grandmother.

No one stood.

He went onto lecture us about this. “If you will not stand up for your grandmother, if you are not willing to vocalize your feelings in any kind of situation, then what right do you have to say that you love her?”

He pointed to a small group of people with their grandmother who remain seated in a wheelchair. She was smiling at the priest. He pointed to the woman and man with her. “You two. Why did you not stand? Do you think that presents alone will show your love and gratitude? Why would you not stand? Material things mean nothing if you will not sing your love for her!”

The woman and man shyly stood up before the priest. “Ah! Very good! You rebel! Now sit!”

The speech carried on for some time and we remained enraptured by the priest till he brought on a live video for us to watch.

A man’s voice began to speak and we found ourselves staring at a closed, blue book. The book had no title adorned on it’s cover.

"Good morning, children!" The man’s voice answered. Many people exclaimed, wondering if it were the voice of the pope’s. Others look confused and bewildered.

"I bet you are all wondering why you’re here, today!" The priest continued speaking till he came to these next words, words that threw hope into my heart, "And I suppose, you are wondering why I hide my face? I hide my face because we still live in a society where people like me are not accepted! I have to hide for fear of my life and for my beliefs! My beliefs are not accepted by society! I do not fit the majority—-and that’s where things need to change!"

I was intrigued instantly by this man and his speech. He continued to speak and open the book, his hands the only physical part of him remaining seen. The book opened to ‘Kabbalah’ and I sank from disappointment.

I sat in my chair for what felt like hours, listening to the man drone on and on about Kabbalah.

Then, the man finished his speech to bring forth another book, titled ‘Nemesis of the Gods’ and I felt my curiosity prickle.

"I bet you’re all wondering what this is…" The man spoke.

"It’s a book long forgotten by even the Gods. It was originally written by the Ancient Egyptians. It took years of finding it." The man’s voice boomed proudly. "And years even more to decipher it’s hieroglyphs in order to translate and understand it’s original content."

I felt absolutely excited.

I watched as the man began to skip through pages, his fingers landing and falling upon two particular names as he found the page he desired, ‘Lilith’ and ‘Lililioxir’.

Each name contained it’s own ‘origin’ ‘definition’ and data paragraphed below it.

"Lilith…" The man spoke. "You may recognize that name. Wife of Adam. Lover of Lucifer, perhaps. Despite the many things you are told, she does not originate from Hebrew texts!" I flinched and grounded my teeth.

Really? Isn’t that a little extreme?

"And let’s talk of Lucifer!" The man continued, pointing to the name below ‘Lilith’. "He’s the Devil, right? The Morning Star?" 

The man’s finger landed on the name ‘Lililoxir’.

"His name meaning ‘The Perfect God’!" He continued to speak about Lililoxir. "He was fierce as he was beautiful and he certainly was beautiful, ladies   and gentlemen! Did you know, he was believed to be one of the first descendants of the prehistoric era? I bet you didn’t know that!"

My eyebrows shot up, “Oh great….this just keeps getting better…..”

"They say, he was a predator of man! So related and yet so far removed! He had wings! Perhaps, he was a cousin of the raptor? Or perhaps, he was a descendant of the Pterodactyl! Or perhaps, he’s related to the Archaeopteryx. It states that he had the shriek that rivaled most within the Dromaeosauridae species!”

I snorted and shook my head. “I’m so done with this…”

I woke up soon after that.

Earth my body, water my blood
Air my breath and fire my spirit
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